Jonny Higham
Dr. Jonny Higham is a experimentalist in fluid mechanics specialising in the use of modal decomposition techniques. Jonny is currently working as an post-doctoral research fellow at National Energy Technology Labs, USA. Jonny gained his Ph.D. at the University of Sheffield with the title "The use of modal decomposition techniques to describe environmental flows". In this work he developed and applied imaged based modal decomposition techniques to elucidate large scale coherent structures from complex turbulent flows and interpret their non-linear mechanisms. Jonny has a number of interests in image processing, particle tracking and computer vision techniques. One of Jonny's most recent papers : "A rapid non-iterative proper orthogonal decomposition based outlier detection and correction for PIV data" develops the PODDEM method, which is currently the most efficient and precise method for detecting and removing outlier points from experimental datasets.
a research scientist working with fractals, environmental flows and modal decomposition techniques.